LuminoKrom® was at the european event Velo-city 2023
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LuminoKrom® at the event Velo-City 2023

13 May 2023

The European Velo-City exhibition takes place each year in a different city. The international event for cycling and soft mobility is organized by the ECF, the European Cyclists’ Federation.

After a previous edition in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on the theme “Cycling the change”, this 2023 edition took place in Leipzig, Germany. Between May 9th and 12th, nearly 1400 speakers and congress participants gathered to speak and exchange on various topics relating to urban mobility and the development of cycling.

LuminoKrom® was obviously present at the event to participate in this transition in terms of sustainable mobility. Our photoluminescent painting takes part of this progressive approach in order to increase the visibility of road markings and thus make road users safer.

It was the opportunity to exchange and (re)make contact with different international interlocutors. We also had the opportunity to meet our partners in the implementation of the luminescent marking of the RAVeL 142 in Namur.


Avant-après de la piste cyclable écoresponsable de Namur


Velo-City 2023, the exhibition that promotes cycling

Velo-City has perfectly chosen its location this year, as it is in Leipzig that the 2023 edition of the show has been held. The choice is particularly interesting because the city is the perfect example of a structure that is becoming more attractive as it improves its sustainable vision.

Salon Velo-city 2023 à Leipzig

Indeed, today, one out of three citizens travels by bicycle for their daily trips. The German city was naturally an example in this vision of change and the development of cycling in our territories.

The objective of this annual exhibition is to improve the spread and good practices of cycling mobility. These messages are communicated through different mobility themes using conferences.

These conferences provide places for sharing and exchanging knowledge on mobility policy, promotion and cycling offers, but also on sustainable urban development.


The cycling in the heart of the energy transition of cities

The development of soft mobility is one of the fundamental pillars of the ecological transition of our territories. In order to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible, cities have placed bicycles at the heart of their mobility plans.

This alternative and eco-friendly way of transportation has been growing considerably in recent years. The number of users is increasing every year and the roads need to be restructured.

In order to adapt our roads to this development, local authorities are organizing and implementing measures to improve the infrastructure, in particular by creating bicycle paths. In addition to their delimitation, it is essential to ensure their security and visibility.


The place of LuminoKrom® in this transition

Le marquage photoluminescent LuminoKrom sur les pistes cyclables


In response to the need for safety on bicycle paths and green lanes, we have designed the first patented, totally autonomous photoluminescent painting. The markings on the ground are recharged during the day thanks to the sun, without any power supply, and are illuminated at night to make road users safer.

Thanks to its class G luminescence performance, the lanes marked with LuminoKrom® paint will have better visibility for 10 hours. The area dedicated to cyclists will remain safe all night long until sunrise.

With our LuminoKrom® paint, the visibility of green lane users is ensured in a sustainable way, but also with an environmental vision as it has no CO2 emissions.


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