Photoluminescent marking on the Greenway from the Seine Eure
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Photoluminescent marking on the Greenway Seine à l’Eure

28 March 2021

New achievement with LuminoKrom Photoluminescent Paint – Reinforcement of the night visibility of a structure on the Greenway from the Seine à l’Eure

The projects with the LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint are continuing and gaining momentum. This time, it is the luminescent marking of a work on the Greenway from the Seine à l’Eure, Rue du Canal from the Caseo swimming pool. The aim is to enhance the visibility of a particularly delicate area at night.

LuminoKrom® technology makes it possible to create markings that illuminate at night without any consumption of electricity. Photoluminescent road paint harnesses renewable energy from solar radiation. Luminescent marking can be recharged on rainy days as well as on sunny days or in the undergrowth. Applying LuminoKrom® luminescent paint to infrastructure is quick and easy.

Applying LuminoKrom® luminescent paint to infrastructure is quick and easy. It can be performed by any professional applicator and does not require any specific equipment. This photoluminescent marking is deposited with an airless machine (small vehicle with spray): a first layer of white paint to avoid a loss of radiation in the bitumen then a layer of photoluminescent paint. In comparison, the installation of public lighting in the form of masts or studs in the ground requires structural work, trenches, the establishment of an electrical network.

The achievements to date, including the first track in 2018 in Pessac (33), show very good paint resistance and luminescence remains constant day after day. These readings in real conditions make it possible to envisage a lifespan of 5 years for the paint on the cycle facilities before renewal.

LuminoKrom® is the only photoluminescent paint on the market that has class E luminance levels according to the international standard ISO 17398. This performance ensures a visibility period of 10 hours in the dark!

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