Bruz near Rennes, LuminoKrom® photoluminescent cycle path
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Bruz near Rennes, our LuminoKrom® photoluminescent marking to make a green lane safer

LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paint deposited in Bruz, Brittany, to help users of a greenway travel at night.


The application of our phosphorescent road paint to a green lane in Bruz is a revolutionary step forward in making night-time travel safer for pedestrians and cyclists. This initiative has transformed the greenway into a safer and more reassuring place to walk and cycle, even after the sun has gone down, encouraging active walking and cycling in the evenings.

Located close to Rennes, Bruz is renowned for its green spaces and cycle paths, which offer its residents an exceptional quality of life. However, the safety of night-time travel on these thoroughfares was a major challenge. The local authorities therefore decided to explore innovative solutions to improve the visibility and safety of greenway users at night.

As soon as night falls, the greenway in Bruz takes on a whole new dimension. The phosphorescent markings transmit a diffuse luminosity, guiding cyclists and pedestrians in complete safety. This innovation has considerably improved visibility on the greenway, reducing the risk of accidents and creating a friendly environment for night-time travel.


Luminescent marking – Site information

Client: Bruz Town Hall

Type of project: Application of discontinuous axis markings on greenways

Location: Les Corbières, cycle path along the Vert Buisson woods

Applicator: Signaux Girod

LuminoKrom® marking date: October 2023



“This project is part of the cycle routes being developed by the Pedestrian Cycle Committee. This section will facilitate the connection between Cicé-Blossac and the town centre, as the existing path was difficult for all cyclists to use. As this path is not lit, we opted for photoluminescent road markings that capture and store light during the day and light up at night”, explains Bruno Delaunay, local councillor responsible for networks and infrastructure.

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