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LuminoKrom photoluminescent road marking, easy to use

18 April 2021

LuminoKrom luminescent road paint, a technology validated by applicators

Today, many cities have already equipped cycle paths with luminescent LuminoKrom® marking, like the cities of Annecy, Pessac, Leucate, etc. Other projects are already scheduled and will be intervene in the next few weeks.

For all communities, LuminoKrom® makes it possible to:

►Promote soft mobility in unlit areas

►Secure the movements of users in cities that turn off at night

►Reinforce the visibility of obstacles and dangerous areas

The implementation of LuminoKrom® has been tested and validated by numerous applicators, such as the teams of the Eiffage Group, AER, Proximark, Hélios Atlantique, Moliner Sud Signalisation, La Signalisation Routière, Alinea Signalisation, Aximum, etc.


An easy-to-apply paint

This photoluminescent marking is easily deposited identically to a road paint with an airless machine. The dosage of LuminoKrom® paint is 1.2 kg / m2 on a white undercoat.

The service life is estimated at more than 3 years. We already have projects carried out for more than 2 years. technical checks are carried out every month on a control track, laid 30 months ago. All of these analyzes validate the robustness of LuminoKrom® with excellent aging and maintenance of properties over time (adhesion, colorimetry, luminescence, etc.).

LuminoKrom, a high-performance luminescent paint – Our commitments

LuminoKrom® luminescent marking is produced in France by the company OliKrom in Pessac (33). Our teams are committed to you. We place at the center of our approach customer satisfaction, the spirit of innovation, the sincerity and the benevolence of our partners and our staff.

LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paint is produced in accordance with our values ​​and our commitments. The quality approach is one of our requirements. The average shipping time for LuminoKrom® paint is 7 working days. The performance of our photoluminescent products is guaranteed by OliKrom Inside®. LuminoKrom® products are characterized by respecting the protocol of the international standard ISO 17398.

For any information, do not hesitate to contact our teams. We will be happy to answer your questions (Email:

Multiple using for luminescent painting

  • Greenways and cycle paths
  • Sidewalk edges (night shutdown)
  • Roundabouts, baffles,
  • Adherent Concrete Slides (GBA)
  • Musoirs on road exits
  • rest areas
  • Points to be secured (port or river docks, bridgeheads, works, etc.)

Technical characteristics :

  • Strong anti-slip (Standard NF EN1436): SRT> 0.45
  • Luminescence (CE ISO17398 standard): Class E
    (+1800 mcd / m2 at 2min; +55 mcd / m2 at 1h)
  • Easy to use
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