Rencontre avec notre nouveau distributeur agréé au Brésil
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Our luminescent paint arrives in Brazil thanks to our new authorized distributor CARF Ambiental

22 November 2023

Rencontre commerciale avec notre distributeur agréé brésilien


LuminoKrom® is proud to announce that CARF Ambiental has joined our network of authorized distributors, becoming our partner for the development of our photoluminescent paint in Brazil.

A further step in the international development of our LuminoKrom® phosphorescent paint!


Meeting our new partners in Brazil


We recently had the pleasure of welcoming our new Brazilian distributors to our headquarters in Pessac, France. This visit was a special opportunity to strengthen our business relationship with them and to discuss our future plans for the Brazilian market.

Our Brazilian partners were able to immerse themselves in the world of our photoluminescent road paint and meet members of our sales and R&D teams. The day began with an in-depth presentation of our product and its advantages for guiding travel in the dark. Above all, their visit provided an opportunity for in-house training on the application of our phosphorescent paint.


Customized training to become an authorized distributor


Formation application à la machine airless de notre peinture phosphorescente

CARF Ambiental has taken our training course to become an authorized distributor.

The purpose of this training is to learn how to master the specific application of our photoluminescent paint. This is a crucial process to ensure that our future partners are able to apply our luminescent marking effectively.

It’s a comprehensive process that covers every aspect of learning how to apply photoluminescent paint: from application, to material and surface preparation, to quality control and luminescence performance.


Training usually begins with a comprehensive presentation of our products and an introduction to photoluminescent paint technology.

The central part of the training concerns the actual application of photoluminescent paint. Participants are guided through the precise steps required to ensure uniform, high-quality application. To this end, they learn how to use the equipment and tools required to apply photoluminescent paint, including the airless machine for road applications.

Then comes the training in quality control methods to ensure that the paint has been correctly applied, including performance testing. This verifies that the luminous performance of the deposit corresponds to class G luminescence according to ISO 17398.

At the end of the training, our partners become authorized LuminoKrom® distributors, and receive a certificate attesting to their competence in applying our phosphorescent road paint.


First application of photoluminescent paint in Brazil


Following their visit and a customized theoretical training session, our Brazilian partners were able to get down to practical work… They were able to apply our paint on their territory for the first time and observe how, on the bike path in question, our marking diffuses a soothing, long-lasting glow in the dark, improving visibility for users.


Réalisations brésiliennes avec peinture phosphorescente

Road projects using our phosphorescent paint in Brazil


We are convinced that this collaboration will make Brazilian roads safer, thanks to our innovative luminescent technology. This first successful application of phosphorescent paint in Brazil is just the beginning of a new era of safety for soft mobility in the country.

We can’t wait to see our photoluminescent road paint shining on Brazil’s roads, improving safety for all pedestrians and cyclists.


Become an authorized LuminoKrom® distributor


We’re delighted to see our technology being deployed around the world, working hand-in-hand with dedicated and passionate partners.

Would you like to develop our LuminoKrom® paint in another country?

Our policy is to establish a worldwide network of authorized distributors to guarantee high-performance, unrivalled results. Our teams are ready to welcome you. You’ll benefit from comprehensive training in the application of our road paint, as well as in best practices for optimal local deployment.


Are you interested in making soft mobility safer at night in your country? Would you like to install LuminoKrom® paint abroad?

Contact our teams and become our authorized distributor in your country!


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