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LuminoKrom® welcomes a new authorised distributor in Romania

11 June 2024

Carte du monde avec distributeur Roumanie


We are delighted to announce our partnership with a new authorised distributor in Romania, Topicroll. This marks a key step in our continental and international expansion strategy.

This collaboration is an important moment for our LuminoKrom® paint as we aim to strengthen our presence in Europe and around the world and offer improved night-time mobility safety thanks to luminescent markings.


Topicroll, our new distributor in Romania


Our new distributor Topicroll is now in charge of distributing and setting up our range of innovative photoluminescent paints throughout Romania.

Topicroll, recognised for its expertise and well-established distribution network, is ideally positioned locally to respond to local issues with our luminescent marking products. Our distributor will be in direct contact with the various professional players and local authorities in Romania.

Our photoluminescent paint, which absorbs daylight and emits it back at night, offers an environmentally-friendly and effective solution for improving the visibility and safety of infrastructures, particularly roads, cycle paths and pedestrian areas.

Thanks to this partnership, we aim to offer illuminated road markings using products with an uncomparable luminescence time. We firmly believe that this collaboration with Topicroll will help to meet Romania’s growing needs in terms of road safety and sustainable lighting.


A first historic application in Romania


Romania has just inaugurated the first application of our LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paint in April 2024. This application marks a major turning point for safety and visibility in the mountains. The mountain rescue organisation SALVAMONT has chosen our luminescent paint to improve the visibility of essential markings for its operational units across the country.


Application peinture luminescente en Roumanie

Illuminated mountain signs produced by Salvamont


This project, which will be rolled out progressively at various sites, aims to enhance safety in mountainous areas that are often subject to low light conditions or unpredictable weather. LuminoKrom® paint is characterised by its ability to absorb daylight and release it again at night, guaranteeing continuous, lasting visibility of the safety markers that are crucial to rescue operations.

This pioneering initiative could serve as a model for other mountain rescue organisations around the world, demonstrating the effectiveness of advanced ecological solutions in demanding environments.


This first successful application of our phosphorescent paint in Romania opened the door to other lighting signage projects, including the artistic mural project at the national Htag Street Art festival. Several artistic frescoes integrated LuminoKrom® into their landscape to become real luminous tableaux as soon as night fell.


Fresque artistique Luminokrom en Roumanie

Creation of luminescent frescoes at the Htag Street Art Festival in Romania


We can’t wait to see our photoluminescent paint illuminating the different areas of Romania, helping to improve safety for all pedestrians and cyclists, while offering an environmentally-friendly solution.


LuminoKrom®, universal luminescent markings


This partnership reinforces our commitment to providing innovative, high-quality solutions to our customers around the world. Working with Topicroll ensures that our products meet the specific needs of the Romanian market and that our local presence is firmly established.

LuminoKrom® responds to universal needs for prevention and safety when travelling in nocturnal environments where there is no light or illumination. Each country faces its own challenges, but the need to support night-time mobility is present in every corner of the world.

We’re proud to be able to extend our technology on a global scale and respond to local issues by working with dedicated and passionate partners.


Becoming a LuminoKrom® distributor


The international roll-out of our photoluminescent paint is based on a network of local authorised distributors. Joining this network means becoming part of the LuminoKrom® adventure and its territorial deployment.

For our part, we support you at every stage of your local deployment. We actively support you internationally. Our authorised distributors receive full training on the application of our road paint, as well as on best practices to ensure optimal local deployment.

LuminoKrom® continues to expand around the world and relies on selected partners who are trained in-house, guaranteeing high performance and unrivalled results.


Interested in making soft mobility safer at night in your country? Would you like to install our LuminoKrom® markings abroad?

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